Empty Item Repository —空のアイテムレポジトリ—

Time is money??

Today, I’d like to post small tips regarding DirectSmile Integration Server.

When you see empty Item Repository in DSMI Frontend even though everything configured properly, then the reason of you problem could be “Time Setting” of your local computer.

Here is the possible case which cause empty Item Repository.

  1. There are more than 5 mins differences between Server’s time and your local PC’s time.

  2. Enabled “Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time” option at server, but not on your local machine and vice versa.

    Time Setting

It because DSMI validate the date and time of your local machine, and in the case it doesn’t match with server time, those behavior will appear as result of this mismatching time on both machines.


もしDSMIのItem Repositoryにどのアイテムも表示されない場合は、多くのケースではお使いのPCの時間設定が起因しています。







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