Vertical Address Scripting Tips 2 of 5          —宛名の縦書き Tipsパート2— 

This is #2 of 5 series Tips about the vertically address scripting (wiki : Horizontal and vertical writing in East Asian scripts).
To use this tips, it is necessary that you have a Japanese version of Adobe InDesign because it use one of the build-in feature of that only available in Japanese version of Adobe InDesign.

As basic knowledge and tips of the vertical address scripting, please refer to my old post regarding the vertical address scripting.

これは宛名の縦組みに関するTipsシリーズのパート2です。本Tipsの使用は日本語版のAdobe InDesign使用を前提としています。


How to assign text with size specification when it should contain several size formatting?


This tips if for user who have below request.

  • Need to display customer address with different size formatting on first line and second line(Only when it require line feed. No need to change the text size when it can display in one line)
  • 改行を要する場合に、二行目のテキストサイズを変更したい。但し、二行目のテキスト数が少ない場合はサイズ変更せず、ある程度のテキスト数を超えた場合にのみサイズを小さくして表示したい。

What you can achieve with this tip?


This tips make you able to display variable text with different size on second line when it insert line feed in it.


Preview :

As you can see in right side text frame, with this script, it can display text not only by inserting line feed when it  need multiple line, but also it can change the size of second line depends on the text length.



Please refer to former post of this series regarding basic setting.


  1. Create variables at outside of page layout. Those variables will be used for script.
  2. Create text frame for vertically scripting.
  3. Register all frames in DSM-Bridge as variable element.
    (Since this database has multiple column that each column has small part of recipient address. So I made another variable that can integrated 4 column that all records has value in it)
    Please refer to my last postregarding the assignment for Case1 and Case2.
  4. “Setup for Case3” :
    Open assignment window, and insert additional field in front of assigned database column which should be used in second line. Then specify the font size by using “Font” menu.
    バリアブル[[Case3]]の設定 :
    割り当てウィンドウを開き、二行目に使用するDB項目の割り当て直前に割り当てフィールドを追加します。(フィールドを選択し、右クリックメニューから新規フィールドの挿入が可能です) 次に、挿入したフィールドにて「フォント」タブをクリックし、サイズの指定を行います。ここではサイズオプションを有効化し、サイズに10ptを指定しました。ここでは有効にしていませんが、チェックボックスにチェックを入れる事で、サイズ同様にフォントの種類、色の変更も可能です。
  5. Edit VBScript
    Let’s edit vbscript. I made script that named as “Vertical Script”. Here is the entire of script code.

    function VerticalScript()
    	Dim Count
    	Dim Count2
    	Dim Work
    	Dim Work2
    	Dim s
    	Dim t
    		s = Var.GetS("Case1")
    		t = Var.GetS("Case2")
    		u = Var.GetS("Case3")
    		Count = Var.GetS("Case1")
    		Count2 = Var.GetS("Line2")
    		Work = Len(Count)
    		Work2 = Len(Count2)
    		If Work > 19 Then
    			If Work2 > 10 Then
    				Var.PutS "nogtips_Address", u
    				Var.PutS "nogtips_Address", t
    			End If
    			Var.PutS "nogtips_Address", s
    		End If
    			VerticalScript = Work
    End function

    This script handle all text like below.
    If entire address have more than 19 character, and second line has more than 10 character, then it use small size of text for second line. If not, use normal size.
    If entire text less than 20, then use normal size in one line.このスクリプトにより、住所としての文字列全体が19文字を超える場合は、次に二行目のテキストの文字数をカウントし、二行目が10文字以上の場合にはテキストサイズを10ptに変更させます。それ以外の場合はサイズ変更なしの二行目表示となり、そもそも一行で表示可能なテキスト数の場合は、一行で表示させます。

  6. Edit variable property :
    The last thing and most important is to specify the order of variable process. If you didn’t set it, or set wrong order, you will get unexpected result or simply it won’t work. Please set correct order depends on your variable assignment and script that you set.

    Here is the exactly order in this sample.


    ”Address” = 1
    “Case1″ = 2
    “Case2″ = 2
    “Case3” = 2
    “Vertical Script” = 3
    “nogtips_Address” =4

    Output Preview



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