Interactive PieChart by DSMX


Have you ever thought that you’d like to place any interactive PieChart in your campaign?

Here is one example campaign, please try it!

PieChart Campaign

3D Pie Chart

Thank you for amCharts!!!

Here is short description how you can implement this 3D PieChart into your DSMX Campaign.

  1. Download zip file from amCharts website.
  2. Create new page(You have to select “Pure HTML page”)
    Pure HTML Page
  3. Upload amcharts.js and style.css into Content menu
    Upload files
  4. Paste entire HTML code, then replace the link of amchart.js and style.css to which of you have uploaded.
    You can check the link to those files when you drag them into normal page. Then you can see direct link to that files. Then copy link, and paste them into this HTML code.
    HTML Code Modification
  5. Now we are coming most interesting part. How you can get the value from database.
    For this example, I made it work interactively, so it will take a value from the number of records in different data relations. Depends on your vote, it will create new record in Data Relation, and it will take the number of records to use it as value for this PieChart.Data Relation -Filter
  6. At last, you need to create start page with radio button, and place the button for the registration of new record.Layout Panel - Radio Button
  7. Done!!
    Now you can test it the campaign!!

I hope you will have a fun with it!!