JUC 2015 Lightning Talk – Jenkins Made Easy


At 23rd and 24th June, I’ll attend Jenkins User Conference 2015 Europe at London. And I’ll make a lightning talk about Continuous Delivery with Jenkins.

Here is short overview of what I’d like to talk about at there.

About me

My name is Nobuaki Ogawa, from Japan, and currently working on Berlin, Germany for Software company DirectSmile as DevOps QA Manager.

From very first time I got know JenkinsCI, it helped my life really lot. Almost all my work I’ve done at last year was mainly with Jenkins, about Continuous Delivery.

From Build to Deploy, Test, and even Maintenance, Monitoring, my Jenkins takes care everything.

It was super easy to achieve the Continuous Delivery in DirectSmile world by getting help of JenkinsCI.


1. Continuous Build

It was start point to get know JenkinsCI. Our developers use JenkinsCI to make the Continuous Build of our software.
So, our develop environment was quite Jenkins friendly from the beginning.

2. Continuous Deploy

– – – Virtual Machine – – –

We had to have environment where we can deploy our new build. As we are one of big fun of Microsoft, we decided to use Azure as our environment to make Continuous Testing.

How we control it? We use Powershell, which would be executed by JenkinsCI.

– – – Product Deployment – – –

How we could achieve the Continuous Deploy, actually, my boss, who is DirectSmile’s Yoda developed very powerful tool “DirectSmile Installation Service” to enable this.

So we integrate this tool within JenkinsCI, and now Jenkins can deploy DirectSmile products on any target server by just one-button-click!

3. Continuous Testing

Of course, we use JenkinsCI to make the Continuous Testing.

How we do?
We use Selenium to make and run test. So we can cover almost features and we can execute it at anytime.

We are doing it every after new version build, to realize Continuous Delivery.

4. Continuous Sharing

I think it’s important to share all knowledge and experiences I got with others, especially whom just start to make Continuous Delivery.

Don’t worry, it probably much easier than you think.

As part of this practice, I’d like to share all my knowledge and experience how it’s easy to achieve Continuous Delivery by Jenkins at JUC 2015.

I’m really exciting to meet and talk about this on there! See you on JUC 2015 @London!




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