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Jenkins Made Easy

Thank you Cloudbees, Jenkins, you made my first YouTube video 🙂

Here is session slide as well!


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Jenkins User Conference 2015 at London

Jenkins User Conference 2015

Last week, I joined Jenkins User Conference 2015, Europe, at London, UK.

It’s really exciting event, and I got so many new knowledge about Jenkins at there. Here is just several photo to as memory of the event!.
Slide02 Slide03 Slide04 Slide05 Slide06 Slide07 Slide08 Slide09 Slide10 Slide11 Slide12 Slide13 Slide14


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Continuous Delivery with Jenkins by DirectSmile DevOps

First of all, Congratulations JenkinsCI for 100K active users!


From very first time I got know JenkinsCI, it helped my life really lot. I personally think almost all my work I’ve done at last year was mainly with Jenkins, about Continuous Delivery.

From build to deploy, test, and maintenance, my Jenkins (I’m calling him “NOBUKINS”) takes care everything.

It was super super easy to achieve the Continuous Delivery in DirectSmile world by getting help of JenkinsCI. Today, as memorial day of JenkinsCI, I’d like to note some tips I got while I have been working with JenkinsCI.

1. Continuous Build

It was start point to get know JenkinsCI. Our developer use JenkinsCI to make the Continuous Build of our software. So, our develop environment was quite Jenkins friendly from the beginning.

2. Continuous Deploy

Virtual Machine

We had to have environment where we can deploy our new build. As we are one of big fun of Microsoft, we decided to use Azure as our environment to make Continuous Testing. How we control it? We use Powershell, which would be executed by JenkinsCI.

DirectSmile product deployment

How we could achieved the Continuous Deploy, actually, my boss, who is DirectSmile’s Yoda developed very powerful tool “DirectSmile Installation Service” to enable this. So we integrate this tool within JenkinsCI, and now Jenkins can deploy DirectSmile products on any target server by just one-button-click!

3. Continuous Testing

Of course, we use JenkinsCI to make the Continuous Testing. How we do? We use Selenium to run test. So we can cover almost features and can execute it at anytime. We are doing it at every after new version build, to realize Continuous Delivery.

4. Continuous Sharing

It was never mentioned by anyone else, though I think it’s important to share all knowledge and experiences I got with other who are just start to make Continuous Delivery. Don’t worry, it probably much easier than you think.

I’m really big fun of JenkinsCI, and looking forward to see more and more possibility that JenkinsCI has.


By the way, when I attended Jenkins User Conference at Berlin, 2014, I asked Mr.Kohsuke Kawaguchi to give his sing on the his book, which is my bible and I recommend all of Jenkins fun to get it. 川口さん、サインありがとうございました。この本は今や宝物です。


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DirectSmile User Conference 2014! #dsmuc14 #2014DSUC

DirectSmile User Conference 2014

Thank you for all DirectSmile User who came Berlin at last week!
It was more than pleasure to meet you, and I really would like to tell big thank you for everyone, once again!

If you are unfortunately couldn’t come, please look forward next time, maybe next year? 😉

Twitter’s timelin on the Crossmedia Campaign

As side work of the User Conference, I made one small campaign based on my User Conference experience of “Jenkins User Conference 2014, Berlin”.
They had a multiple screen beside of main screen which showed presentation itself. With those extra screen, they have showed “Live Tweet” which has specific #Hashtag.

For me it was pretty nice, because I even can see other’s direct feedback at same time. And purely sure, this would be a kind of “must have thing” for the conference which you will invite lots of people. As you know, interactive communication is more important than 1 way presentation.

What was the result? You can just check all of direct feedback in below!

Twitter Widget Campaign

So here is how you can very easily make such Crossmedia Campaign which just display specific tweet that has specific #Hashtag.

How to make it?

  1. Create Twitter Widget
  2. Set “Search Word” with specific #Hashtags
  3. Paste HTML code on the DSMX Campaign page
    –> You just need to place those code which you will see at the bottom of the timeline preview on Widget creation page.

That’s it!

This way, you can make such campaign in 5 min!
And you even can offer them as additional Conference tool! How much you will charge this for your client?

By the way, here is today’s nogtips 🙂

In the case you’d like to show “embedded Timeline” with much wider than default, you can control is by CSS.

.twitter-timeline {

Thank you everyone! and see you again at next time!


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The configuration registry key is invalid

If DSMOnline Backend throw this error, try to run below command.

It will reset the performance counter, and fix that error.

  1. Open command prompt as Adminsitrator
  2. Type “lodctr /R”
  3. Enter


Have a fun!


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Userfriendly jQuery for Input

man at hand
The blank input field sometime makes me confused what I should enter.

That’s why user-frendly website has some example text displayed by gray color.
It not so difficult to make, and I think almost all Crossmedia user already know how to implement it into the campaign.

Here is one example by using jQuery.

PreSet Text for Input fields

1. Layout items

Just drop some input fields, and assign them to the database column.
Item Layout

2. Check the name

Because this tip identify each input field by class name, so you need to check the exact name by display preview of the campaign page. Then add identical class name by using another jQuery,
To do so, you need to know the name of each input fields. You can check it by using FireBug with FireFox. or even you can simply check the code of preview page.
Check name of input field


3. Add script

Here is the main part of jQuery script you need to add.

          if(this.value == "Company Name"){
          if(this.value == ""){
               $(this).val("Company Name").css("color","#969696");

It because this tip require to have default value for each input fields, so I give the value by script as well. Entire of script looks like below.

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
	document.dsmf_form.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.value = "Company Name";
	document.dsmf_form.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.value = "Your Name";

          if(this.value == "Company Name"){
          if(this.value == ""){
               $(this).val("Company Name").css("color","#969696");
          if(this.value == "Your Name"){
          if(this.value == ""){
               $(this).val("Your Name").css("color","#969696");
          if(this.value == ""){
          if(this.value == ""){
// ]]></script>

4. Add CSS

I also change the color of text by using CSS. Here is the code.

.focus1 {
    color: #969696

It will help visitor, and hopefully they won’t be confused.



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Mailchecker on DSMX

Recently, I saw quite useful jQuery plugin which was introduced on the Japanese Geek website, aka Gigazine.
It says, it could reduced 50% of returned email because of typo or wrong email address which visitor registered in user registration form.

Kicksend/mailcheck · GitHub

How we decreased sign up confirmation email bounces by 50% – The Kicksend Blog

Because I love to try to integrate any kind of useful jQuery plugin into DSMX, so let me share how you can do it at here.


The Javascript library and jQuery plugin that suggests a right domain when your users misspell it in an email address.

Example on DSMX

Just try to type ‘test@hotmai.con’ or ‘’. It will suggest you most close actual domain name.

mailcheck example

OK, now here is how to integrate it into DSMX.

1. Upload .js file


2. Load .js in the page
Please replace server domain, campaign name, account ID according to your setting.


3. Add class name or ID to the input element


4.Place div element where it should display suggestion


5. Place Javascript.


Here is my script.

You can add any domain or topLevelDomains in the array. Or simply comment it out, then it will take default value from .js file.

var domains = ['', '', '',''];
var topLevelDomains = ["com", "net", "org"];
$('.email').on('blur', function() {
 domains: domains, // optional
 topLevelDomains: topLevelDomains, // optional
 // distanceFunction: superStringDistance, // optional
 suggested: function(element, suggestion) {
 // callback code
 var suggestion = '<table> <tbody> <tr> <td width="80" valign="top" align="left" style=""> <img width="80" height="147" src="template_image/man with query.png" /> </td> <td valign="top" align="left" style=""> <p>Did you mean</p><p class="sug">'+suggestion.full+' ?</p></tr> </tbody> </table>';
 empty: function(element) {
 // callback code
 var suggestion = '<table> <tbody> <tr> <td width="80" valign="top" align="left" style=""> <img width="80" src="template_image/serving document.PNG" /> </td> <td valign="top" align="left" style=""> <p>Looks like your email address is valid!</p></p></tr></tbody></table>';


Have a fun!! 🙂


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