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Userfriendly jQuery for Input

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The blank input field sometime makes me confused what I should enter.

That’s why user-frendly website has some example text displayed by gray color.
It not so difficult to make, and I think almost all Crossmedia user already know how to implement it into the campaign.

Here is one example by using jQuery.

PreSet Text for Input fields

1. Layout items

Just drop some input fields, and assign them to the database column.
Item Layout

2. Check the name

Because this tip identify each input field by class name, so you need to check the exact name by display preview of the campaign page. Then add identical class name by using another jQuery,
To do so, you need to know the name of each input fields. You can check it by using FireBug with FireFox. or even you can simply check the code of preview page.
Check name of input field


3. Add script

Here is the main part of jQuery script you need to add.

          if(this.value == "Company Name"){
          if(this.value == ""){
               $(this).val("Company Name").css("color","#969696");

It because this tip require to have default value for each input fields, so I give the value by script as well. Entire of script looks like below.

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
	document.dsmf_form.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.value = "Company Name";
	document.dsmf_form.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.value = "Your Name";

          if(this.value == "Company Name"){
          if(this.value == ""){
               $(this).val("Company Name").css("color","#969696");
          if(this.value == "Your Name"){
          if(this.value == ""){
               $(this).val("Your Name").css("color","#969696");
          if(this.value == ""){
          if(this.value == ""){
// ]]></script>

4. Add CSS

I also change the color of text by using CSS. Here is the code.

.focus1 {
    color: #969696

It will help visitor, and hopefully they won’t be confused.



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Mailchecker on DSMX

Recently, I saw quite useful jQuery plugin which was introduced on the Japanese Geek website, aka Gigazine.
It says, it could reduced 50% of returned email because of typo or wrong email address which visitor registered in user registration form.

Kicksend/mailcheck · GitHub

How we decreased sign up confirmation email bounces by 50% – The Kicksend Blog

Because I love to try to integrate any kind of useful jQuery plugin into DSMX, so let me share how you can do it at here.


The Javascript library and jQuery plugin that suggests a right domain when your users misspell it in an email address.

Example on DSMX

Just try to type ‘test@hotmai.con’ or ‘’. It will suggest you most close actual domain name.

mailcheck example

OK, now here is how to integrate it into DSMX.

1. Upload .js file


2. Load .js in the page
Please replace server domain, campaign name, account ID according to your setting.


3. Add class name or ID to the input element


4.Place div element where it should display suggestion


5. Place Javascript.


Here is my script.

You can add any domain or topLevelDomains in the array. Or simply comment it out, then it will take default value from .js file.

var domains = ['', '', '',''];
var topLevelDomains = ["com", "net", "org"];
$('.email').on('blur', function() {
 domains: domains, // optional
 topLevelDomains: topLevelDomains, // optional
 // distanceFunction: superStringDistance, // optional
 suggested: function(element, suggestion) {
 // callback code
 var suggestion = '<table> <tbody> <tr> <td width="80" valign="top" align="left" style=""> <img width="80" height="147" src="template_image/man with query.png" /> </td> <td valign="top" align="left" style=""> <p>Did you mean</p><p class="sug">'+suggestion.full+' ?</p></tr> </tbody> </table>';
 empty: function(element) {
 // callback code
 var suggestion = '<table> <tbody> <tr> <td width="80" valign="top" align="left" style=""> <img width="80" src="template_image/serving document.PNG" /> </td> <td valign="top" align="left" style=""> <p>Looks like your email address is valid!</p></p></tr></tbody></table>';


Have a fun!! 🙂


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Dead image link

In any case, it’s better to prepare for the accidental error. For example, dead image link in the campaign.

It can be happen when you use image from Global, or Account, and some other designer accidentally deletes the file from there. Then you will never know that dead image link appeared in your campaign.

This is very simple and useful jQuery to replace dead link image.

Missing Image file

$(function () {
$(this).attr({src:'http://YourDomain/.../Missing.png',alt:'Image file is missing'});

The src link have to be absolute URL path.
If you’d like to use uploaded image for it, try to place it in actual page, then check the file path from HTML code by displaying page preview. So you can copy the file path, and use it as alternative image file for this function.


Thank you for Mana, who is introducing very nice tips for web creator!
You can find more and more useful tips in her blog.


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Interactive PieChart by DSMX


Have you ever thought that you’d like to place any interactive PieChart in your campaign?

Here is one example campaign, please try it!

PieChart Campaign

3D Pie Chart

Thank you for amCharts!!!

Here is short description how you can implement this 3D PieChart into your DSMX Campaign.

  1. Download zip file from amCharts website.
  2. Create new page(You have to select “Pure HTML page”)
    Pure HTML Page
  3. Upload amcharts.js and style.css into Content menu
    Upload files
  4. Paste entire HTML code, then replace the link of amchart.js and style.css to which of you have uploaded.
    You can check the link to those files when you drag them into normal page. Then you can see direct link to that files. Then copy link, and paste them into this HTML code.
    HTML Code Modification
  5. Now we are coming most interesting part. How you can get the value from database.
    For this example, I made it work interactively, so it will take a value from the number of records in different data relations. Depends on your vote, it will create new record in Data Relation, and it will take the number of records to use it as value for this PieChart.Data Relation -Filter
  6. At last, you need to create start page with radio button, and place the button for the registration of new record.Layout Panel - Radio Button
  7. Done!!
    Now you can test it the campaign!!

I hope you will have a fun with it!!


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Sell product by Crossmedia

shopping basket
DirectSmile Crossmediaはプロモーションを考える上で、とても重要な役割を果たします。


DirectSmile Crossmediaはこういった見込まれるビジネスチャンスを逃しません!Ver.5以降のCrossmediaシステムにはPaypalを支払いの方法として実装可能です。






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Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 15401

man grumbling


The problem happened on new server which has Germany version of Windows 2008 R2 Standard Server. When I  install SQL 2012 Server, and try to add new login, then I got below error message.


If you google with some phrase in this error message, you will see a lot of post regarding it. On this time, this article helped me.


The reason of this problem was mismatching language version of OS and SQL Server. Because I installed SQL Server English version, it try to call login name based on English environment. However, since OS use Germany as its language, so account name is different. That caused this mismatching. And the end, it will produce error 15401.


Name of “Network Service” on each language version.

English : NT Authority\Network Service


Workaround for this problem is to use below sql. So it automatically create new login.



SQL Serverにて新規ログインを追加しようとした際に、エラーが発生してログインを追加出来ない。


原因は使用しているOSの言語設定と、インストールしたSQL Serverの言語の相違による呼び出しログイン名の不一致です。

英語OSの場合、Network Serviceは通常「NT Authority\Network Service」として登録されています。ですので、英語版のSQL Management Studioにてログインを追加しようとすると、この名前が使われます。今回はOSがドイツ語版であったため、ログイン名が異なり、「NT-AUTORITÄT\NETWERKDIENST」が正式名となります。



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manchen mit megaphoneお待たせしました、皆さん!

drupa 2012のニュース等はチェックされているでしょうか?色々な新しい機械、技術がリリースされて、毎日新しい驚きが続きますね。楽しい限りです!







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